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                                                                                         | ABOUT ME

I'm originally from Montreal, Quebec then I moved to Edmonton, Alberta for a couple of years where I got most of my experience. Working with Visual dialectDachene and Alpacalyspe productions was an honor, as a team we accomplished several succeeded projects over the past years from creative photography to film-making.   


As a cinematographer I want to share my talent and years of expertise. I have crafted dozens of wedding films, more than 40 music videos including promo, documentaries, interviews, live events, shows, real-estate and short-films across North America. 

I own high-end gear but that's not what's important, it's mostly technique, vision and creativity. But of course, the Key will always be light! Once you have control over it, you're set. That's the reason why I call myself a cinematographer, not a videographer. It basically means every shot taken has a message behind it. You can literally watch the whole video without sound and still understand what's going on.


No matter the budget everything needs to be A-1, not only for the client's satisfaction but to maintain my image as well. Being a cinematographer is one thing. I also produce, direct and edit.


With almost 15 years of experience let me bring your vision to life.


                                                                        -E. M.S

2 years ago in Edmonton, Alberta with Visual Dialect

photo by  Jonathan Deschenes

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